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2023: Dates From

Native American History

February 27, 1973

50th Anniversary of the start of the Siege at Wounded Knee
May 8, 1973

50th Anniversary of the end of the Siege at Wounded Knee

May 28, 1830
193rd Anniversary of Removal Act of 1830
June 2, 1924
99th Anniversary of Native American Indians becoming U.S. Citizens
June 18, 1889
134th Anniversary of the Ghost Dance

June 25, 26 1876

147th Anniversary of the
Battle of the Greasy Grass
(Little Bighorn)

August 1810

213th Anniversary of

the Massacre at
Yahoo Falls, KY

September 5, 1877

146th Anniversary of

the Assassination of

Crazy Horse

November 17th
Oklahoma City, OK
Indian Day

November 29, 1864

159th Anniversary of

the Sand Creek Massacre

December 15, 1890

133rd Anniversary of the Murder of Sitting Bull

while being arrested

by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock

Indian Reservation

December 26, 1862

161st Anniversary of 38 Dakota men hung in

Mankato, Minnesota.

November 11, 1865

158th Anniversary of

2 more Dakota men were executed

December 29, 1890

133rd Anniversary of Wounded Knee Massacre


Native American Clipart supplied by First People - A large site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations.

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